Solutions for your business
With our 7 colour Indigo 5000 Digital Press with state of the art finishing equipment and web to print solutions, we can supply a wide range of printing applications.

What does that let us offer you? We understand every industry has different needs so we've provided some examples below so you can get an idea of the options digital print can offer your business.

If you have any questions or would like to hear about what we can do for your business please contact us

Service for the trade
Ashwyk are perfectly set up to allow trade customers take full advantage of our sleek and cost effective digital production workflow.

Whether you are a print management company, graphic design agency or commercial printer. Let us add profit to your bottom line. We understand that working with the trade we can form relationships that progress into seamless business partnerships. We offer incredible prices so that you can add ample margin and increase your services very easily.

We can aid our customers by helping them eliminate the resource-intensive process of print buying. How? Buy eliminating the costs of storage, distribution and obsolescence.

We quickly produce and update literature helping you get products to the market faster. With digital you print only the amount needed, when itís needed so you donít have lots of out of date printed stock. Re-order easily from our website or from a web catalogue. Get cost estimates in a click. Collateral-on-demand provides the flexibility for localising and customising printed materials.

Corporate Calendars & Cards
Have you ever considered promoting your business with personalised promotional material, such as calendars or festive cards. Has price put you off this type of promotion?

With our digital press, we can produce unbeatable print quality at a fraction of the price of Litho for short run printing, including full personalisation down to individual messages and images, either with your own images or using images from our own image archives.
Car Dealerships
Could your dealership utilise any of the following in order to increase sales or further your brand identity?

Calenders, Mailshots, Leaflets, Stationary, Local flyers, Brochures and Seasonal promotions

That gives you; short print runs, short lead times, fast response, reduced stock levels, flexibility, customised documentation, online ordering, unbeatable print quality and reduced print & marketing costs.

Estate Agencies
Why not personalise your brochures? Property is a huge investment which demands the highest quality collateral.

Not only can we produce the highest quality short run lengths that are applicable to property brochures. We will also personalise them to your potential buyers.

Our technology enables us to implement web template ordering so your branches or employees can update new properties with new images and new content.

Public Houses, Night Clubs & Restaurants
Making the right impression is vital for bringing in customers, especially in the food, drink and entertainment markets. We can provide print solutions for:

Future event leaflets, Weekly flyers, Brochures, Menus, VIP guess passes, Membership passes, Discount cards, Drinks vouchers, Posters, Point-of-sale signage, Calendars, Garment Printing and Workwear.

That gives you; short print runs, short lead times, flexibility, customised documentation, online ordering, unbeatableprint quality and reduced print costs.
Sports Clubs & Facilities
Could your club / group reach more existing members and attract more potential new members using any of the following?

Calendars, Customised letters, Leaflets, Mailshots, Fixture lists, Member information booklets, Posters, Point-of-sale displays, Menus, Stationary, Newsletters, Programmes and Garment printing

We can provide unbeatable print quality at an affordable price, personalised to your members, helping you connect with them and create a professional impression of your club or group.

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